Cycling the length of Japan

Andor and Patrick will try to cycle the length of Japan. Andor flies via Tokyo to Fukuoka and Patrick is flying via Seoul with his bike to Fukuoka. Fukuoka was chosen because it is an international ai...
P4150459.JPG P4150464.JPG P4160473.JPG P4160475.JPG P4160479.JPG P4160486.JPG P4160488.JPG P4160491.JPG P4160497.JPG P4160500.JPG
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Fukuoka - Saga 80 km

It is a rainy day. We start looking in Fukuoka for a rack for Andor's bike. Although i offered him to cycle with his luggage the length of Japan i am glad he wanted to carry his own luggage. Extra bur...
P4170437.JPG P4170438.JPG P4170439.JPG P4170441.JPG P4170443.JPG P4170447.JPG P4170454.JPG P4170461.JPG P4170463.JPG P4170469.JPG P4170474.JPG P4170479.JPG P4170480.JPG P4170483.JPG P4170489.JPG P4170492.JPG P4170495.JPG P4170496.JPG P4170498.JPG P4170505.JPG P4170509.JPG P4170511.JPG P4170514.JPG Q4170435.JPG Q4170437.JPG Q4170438.JPG
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Saga - Obama 109 km

The rain is gone, the sun is shining ! Because of the rain and the rack yesterday we are a little behind schedule and want to make it to kuzake before sunset so we can go dolphin whatching. Everything...
P4180451.JPG P4180453.JPG P4180458.JPG P4180460.JPG P4180461.JPG P4180465.JPG P4180468.JPG P4180472.JPG P4180476.JPG P4180477.JPG P4180482.JPG P4180484.JPG P4180485.JPG P4180486.JPG P4180487.JPG
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Aso - Yawatahama 218 km

Under a bright sun and with a very kind lady of the house saying goodbye we moved on to Beppu and to take the ferry to Yawatahama. The owner search the web for the timetable of the ferry and we had pl...
P4200436.JPG P4200438.JPG P4200440.JPG P4200446.JPG P4200450.JPG P4200453.JPG P4200459.JPG P4200463.JPG P4200471.JPG P4200472.JPG P4200478.JPG P4200485.JPG P4200488.JPG P4200491.JPG P4200493.JPG P4200496.JPG P4200499.JPG P4200500.JPG
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Yawatahama - Imabari 116 km

The ferry arrived late last night. It was choosing between an early in the morning ferry or a late night and because Andor likes to sleep a little bit longer i decided to take the late night ferry in ...
P4210441.JPG P4210443.JPG P4210444.JPG P4210448.JPG P4210451.JPG P4210458.JPG P4210460.JPG P4210465.JPG P4210468.JPG P4210472.JPG P4210475.JPG P4210479.JPG P4210482.JPG P4210483.JPG P4210485.JPG P4210488.JPG P4210492.JPG P4210496.JPG P4210502.JPG P4210503.JPG P4210505.JPG
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Imabari - Kurashiki 157 km

An amazing bikepath from Imabari to Onomichi. About 70 km cycling over amazing bridges and roads without or with few cars passing. The cyclist is king on this 70 km.
P4210435.JPG P4220436.JPG P4220438.JPG P4220439.JPG P4220442.JPG P4220443.JPG P4220446.JPG P4220448.JPG P4220452.JPG P4220455.JPG P4220457.JPG P4220460.JPG P4220463.JPG P4220466.JPG P4220469.JPG P4220470.JPG P4220472.JPG P4220479.JPG P4220484.JPG P4220487.JPG P4220497.JPG P4220503.JPG P4220504.JPG P4220511.JPG P4220512.JPG P4220518.JPG P4220522.JPG P4220523.JPG
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Kakogawa - Otsu 141 km

It was a tough day. It has been raining all day. Instead of taking small mountain roads Patrick decided to go via the sea and via Osaka to Lake Biwa. Finding our road with 3 GPS devices 2 smartphones ...
P4230436.JPG P4240444.JPG P4240449.JPG P4240450.JPG P4240453.JPG P4240455.JPG P4240457.JPG P4240460.JPG P4240462.JPG P4240463.JPG P4240470.JPG P4240471.JPG P4240473.JPG P4240478.JPG P4240482.JPG P4240483.JPG
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Otsu - Tsuruga 90 km

After a split i always have a unhappy feeling. I completely understand Andors reason to quit because cycling the length of Japan is not always possible with roads that turn around the church. And i am...
P4250446.JPG P4250447.JPG P4250450.JPG P4250451.JPG P4250454.JPG P4250461.JPG P4250462.JPG P4250465.JPG P4250468.JPG P4250476.JPG P4250477.JPG P4250481.JPG P4250487.JPG P4250490.JPG P4250491.JPG P4250494.JPG P4250497.JPG P4250499.JPG P4250501.JPG P4250503.JPG P4250506.JPG P4250507.JPG P4250508.JPG P4250509.JPG
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Tsuruga - Kanazawa 137 km

In the morning i got myself a membercard for the Tokyo-Inn hotels. You can not find them on booking.com and with 260 hotels all over Japan it is definitely worth knowing where one can sleep. Not the c...
P4250014.JPG P4260020.JPG P4260028.JPG P4260031.JPG P4260035.JPG P4260036.JPG P4260038.JPG P4260042.JPG P4260045.JPG P4260050.JPG P4260051.JPG P4260054.JPG P4260055.JPG P4260059.JPG P4260063.JPG P4260086.JPG P4260091.JPG P4260092.JPG P4260094.JPG P4260099.JPG P4260100.JPG Q4250003.JPG
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Jigokudane - Niigata 178 km

The chase of Cherry blossom has started. I need to move as fast as possible to Hokkaido to see the blossom of the cherry three. The last challenge for the cycle2capesoya trip. I started early because ...
P4280141.JPG P4280145.JPG P4280151.JPG P4280154.JPG P4280155.JPG P4280158.JPG P4280160.JPG P4280163.JPG P4290168.JPG P4290170.JPG P4290171.JPG P4290172.JPG P4290176.JPG P4290178.JPG P4290180.JPG P4290182.JPG P4290184.JPG P4290187.JPG P4290188.JPG P4290189.JPG P4290190.JPG P4290193.JPG P4290194.JPG P4290198.JPG P4290199.JPG P4290206.JPG P4290211.JPG P4290213.JPG P4290214.JPG
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Niigata - Sakata 171 km

After half a day following the coast, because nobody could tell me if route 7 was allowed for bikes, i met a few Japanese cyclists telling me that route 7 is perfect for cycling and he even offered ...
P4290007.JPG P4300012.JPG P4300021.JPG P4300025.JPG P4300026.JPG P4300027.JPG P4300030.JPG P4300042.JPG P4300044.JPG P4300047.JPG P4300056.JPG P4300061.JPG P4300062.JPG P4300064.JPG P4300071.JPG P4300073.JPG P4300075.JPG P4300078.JPG P4300079.JPG P4300080.JPG
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Sakata - Odata 220 km

It was going to be a long day because i wanted to trap Sakura when it was best viewed. And for Hakodate that should be 02 May if you can believe internet off course. It was a flat journey with some tu...
P4300012.JPG P4300014.JPG P4300015.JPG P4300018.JPG P4300019.JPG P4300022.JPG P5010026.JPG P5010028.JPG P5010030.JPG P5010032.JPG P5010041.JPG P5010043.JPG P5010045.JPG P5010046.JPG P5010051.JPG P5010053.JPG P5010055.JPG P5010060.JPG P5010062.JPG P5010064.JPG P5010065.JPG P5010067.JPG P5010068.JPG
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Odata - Hakodate 207 km

I started early ( before breakfast ) leaving Dithor sleeping. The main goal was to be in Aomorie before the afternoon ferry so i could see the cherry blossoms today. It was only 100 km cycling but the...
P5010008.JPG P5010012.JPG P5010014.JPG P5010016.JPG P5020019.JPG P5020023.JPG P5020025.JPG P5020028.JPG P5020029.JPG P5020030.JPG P5020031.JPG P5020033.JPG P5020037.JPG P5020038.JPG P5020042.JPG P5020046.JPG P5020047.JPG
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Hakodate - Otoschibe 81 km

First aim in the morning is to go looking for Sakura. One of the four goals i wanted to achieve this cycling holiday. So i went to the park and climbed mount Hakodate almost completely without really ...
P5020007.JPG P5020010.JPG P5020013.JPG P5020014.JPG P5020015.JPG P5020017.JPG P5020021.JPG P5020023.JPG P5020025.JPG P5020029.JPG P5020033.JPG P5030046.JPG P5030048.JPG P5030054.JPG P5030058.JPG P5030061.JPG P5030063.JPG P5030071.JPG P5030073.JPG P5030074.JPG P5030078.JPG P5030081.JPG P5030088.JPG P5030089.JPG P5030091.JPG P5030093.JPG P5030095.JPG P5030099.JPG P5030101.JPG
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Otoshibe - Rusutsu 126 km

I left Otoshibe early and only the fish from my breakfast appealed to me. I don't know why but the japanese breakfast is not exactly what i want in the morning and what my body needs to climb mountain...
P5030003.JPG P5030008.JPG P5030009.JPG P5030011.JPG P5040014.JPG P5040017.JPG P5040020.JPG P5040021.JPG P5040024.JPG P5040025.JPG P5040028.JPG P5040029.JPG P5040031.JPG P5040034.JPG P5040035.JPG P5040038.JPG P5040041.JPG P5040044.JPG P5040050.JPG P5040057.JPG P5040060.JPG P5040064.JPG P5040065.JPG P5040070.JPG P5040075.JPG P5040081.JPG P5040083.JPG P5040084.JPG P5040089.JPG P5040090.JPG P5040092.JPG P5040093.JPG P5040094.JPG
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Rusutsu - Saporro 75 (95) km

The owners from the Ohiswana house sent me on my way to Saporro with lots of compliments and a breakfast. I made an appointment in a bikeshop for a box i need later next week to return to Belgium. Aft...
P5040005.JPG P5040008.JPG P5040011.JPG P5040013.JPG P5040015.JPG P5040016.JPG P5040018.JPG P5050020.JPG P5050022.JPG P5050024.JPG P5050025.JPG P5050031.JPG P5050034.JPG P5050036.JPG P5050038.JPG P5050041.JPG P5050046.JPG P5050048.JPG P5050049.JPG P5050050.JPG P5050054.JPG P5050055.JPG P5050059.JPG P5050060.JPG P5050061.JPG P5050062.JPG P5050063.JPG
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Saporro - Haboro 190 km

Today it is a quiet flat road bringing me to the west coast of Hokkaido. Although the day started well with a little tailwind and sunshine it ended with bad weather, rain and cold again. In Rumoi i w...
P5050003.JPG P5060007.JPG P5060010.JPG P5060013.JPG P5060015.JPG P5060016.JPG P5060018.JPG P5060019.JPG P5060021.JPG P5060023.JPG P5060027.JPG P5060029.JPG P5060030.JPG P5060032.JPG
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Haboro - Wakkanai 132 km

It is not the cycling that starts boring at the end of a trip,but the weather conditions that make cycling difficult. When i looked at the windmap in Hakodate the wind should be in favor until tonig...
P5060008.JPG P5060009.JPG P5070012.JPG P5070016.JPG P5070017.JPG P5070041.JPG P5070051.JPG P5070055.JPG P5070068.JPG P5070073.JPG P5070077.JPG P5070078.JPG
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Wakkanai - Cape Soya 32 km

The end is near. The wind God did not change his mind and gave me for the last 30 km headwind with speeds up to 40 km/hr but i had not the intention to give up before i could see the monument at the n...
P5070011.JPG P5070015.JPG P5080001.JPG P5080029.JPG P5080031.JPG P5080035.JPG
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Because everything went well while cycling: no flats, no meds no technical issues i had a few days left before i could go back to Belgium. So after having seen wonderful things like the dolphins in t...
P5100056.JPG P5100070.JPG P5100076.JPG P5100096.JPG P5100105.JPG P5100112.JPG P5100113.JPG P5100125.JPG
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